If you're new to Minecraft, see this Beginners Minecraft page! Will teach you almost all beginners information, and then you're no longer a beginner! So lets start!

Multiplayer Edit

Multiplayer is when you play with a friend, build together, and survive together! Anything you do in Minecraft in single player, you can do in multiplayer! Multiplayer is a good term and will let you do everything together! Be safe and dont play with people that you just have met right now just playing with you, they might be evil to you in Minecraft. Like hack you, wreck your best builds, and can kill you in survival. So be safe and have fun playing multiplayer!

Creative mode Edit

Creative mode is when you have unlimited resources, and build whatever you want! Creative mode lets you break blocks instantly and cant let you pick up things you break. Build any creation you want and where you want to build! Creative mode allows you to NEVER die in Minecraft! Even if a mob attacks you, even though they won't in creative. Creative mode can allow you to fly! Creative mode adds a lot of features that you can do that you can't do in survival.

Survival mode Edit

Survival mode is the most common mode and you can survive by yourself or with a friend! Survival mode is a fun-packed adventure! This mode doesn't allow you to have unlimited resources, but you can break stuff and pick it up in this mode. This doesn't allow you to fly and live forever because you can tell between the names; Creative mode, and Survival mode. If survival allows you to fly, that would be cheating!

Adventure mode Edit

Yes, there is another mode! That mode is adventure mode. Its almost the same as survival, by the name. Adventure can be a survival, which makes it in survival mode always. Adventure mode allows you to break stuff required with the right material. So if you want to get cobblestone out of your door, you have to only break it with a pickaxe. Not any other material. So thats pretty much it for adventure mode! Remember, if you set it this way, you have to break blocks only with the right material.

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