In Minecraft, there are only 2 bosses in it. You can have more bosses, by installing mods.

The Wither Edit

Found In The Nether.
Some attributes
First Health: 300 (150 Hearts)
Second Strength: Easy - 5 (2 and 1/2 hearts) Normal - 8 (4 hearts with wither effect) Hard - 12 (6 hearts with wither effect)
Third Way of attacking: Fires Wither Skulls at you, and will give the Wither Effect one you. (A stronger poison that kills you.)
Other attributes

The Wither is a boss that has 300 health! (150 Hearts) Thats a lot! More Information is in that long infobox. Will spawn anywhere when a user creates one. Its main weakness are potions and weapons. Don't forget your armour. What to do and not do:

Make the Wither spawn

in a spaced out hole,

like in a cave or dig yo-

ur self one to keep it

away from your stuff.

Don't Do:
Forget your potions. The

importance of not forget-

ting them is good. Forget-

ting them will cause serious

damage and will kill you. Don't

forget them because you'll

need them to slay this beast!

Ender Dragon
Download (2)
Some attributes
First Ender Dragon health: 200 and 100 hearts.
Second The way of killing: The Ender Dragon kills people by spitting purple bomb-like fire charge. Can also kill you by flying down towards you and inflicting damage.
Third The best way to kill it is that you get an enchanted bow, enchanted diamond sword, and the strongest type of armor you have enchanted.
Other attributes

The Ender Dragon Edit

When you finally get to the end, be really prepared to embark on one awesome adventure, and some serious combat! Its ferociously aggressive, and nowhere to hide...

Ender Dragon stats Edit

These are the Ender Dragon stats. These stats can tell you how the Ender Dragon can kill you, and how you can kill it.

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