The Creeper.
Some attributes
First Health: 20 (10 hearts)
Second Strength: Normal Creeper - Maximum 49 (24 and 1/2 hearts) Charged Creeper - Maximum 97 (48 and 1/2 hearts)
Third Way of attacking: Blowing Up
Other attributes

Creepers are common hostile mobs in Minecraft. There is also an icon in Geometry Dash, which you get from completing Hexagon Force, that replicates the face of a Creeper. The stats of a Creeper are:

Creeper Stats
Health: 20 (10 hearts) Strength: 49 regular creeper and 97 Charged.
Way of Attacking: Creeps at you and explodes whenever.
Spawns: In the overworld in areas with light 7 or less and, but not on blocks like glass. They won't die when the sun rises.
Weakness: lava, cactus, TNT, Fire, Falling, swords, and bow and arrows.
Keep a distance away from Creepers, and have a bow and some arrows. In a melee attack, it will explode right at you.
Don't get too close; if you hear a sssssssss sound, I would recommend running for dear life.
If you attack creepers from melee, you will have to hit it with your sword, then run. Do this step but don't die, make the creeper die.
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