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The furnace is a technical block in Minecraft. It is needed to cook or smelt items.


The main purpose of the furnace is to smelt things, or cook them in the event of food. If you eat raw chicken there is a chance you will get hunger. So use the furnace to cook! if you mine iron ore, you get it as iron ore. You smelt iron ore in the furnace then you get iron ingots. Do it!
  • A furnace.
  • 1st face of furnaces.


To craft a furnace, you will need eight cobblestone. Then, go into your crafting table and put the cobble stone in a square shape with an empty middle. You have just made your furnace!

Fuel Edit

Fuel Burning




to burn a

stack (64)

Coal 80 seconds 8
Charcoal 80 seconds 8
Wood 15 seconds 43
Wood planks 15 seconds 43
Wood slabs 7.5 seconds 96
Wood stairs 15 seconds 43
Wood Fence 15 seconds 43
Saplings 5 seconds 128
Tools &



10 seconds 64
Pressure plate 15 seconds 43
stick 5 seconds 128
Trapdoor 15 seconds 43
Crafting Table 15 seconds 43
Bookshelfs 15 seconds 43
Chest 15 seconds 43
Jukebox 15 seconds 43
Note block 15 seconds 43
Blaze rod 120 seconds 6
Daylight Sensor 15 seonds 43
Block of Coal 800 Less than 1
Lava bucket 1,000 seconds Less than 1 (Exactly 0.64)
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