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So, Game started his world, in survival. He spawned in a Forest, and chopped lots, LOTS of trees and got over 5 packs of wood planks (64 blocks=1 pack). He explored the forest to find the plains biome, but had no luck. He started to chop more trees, and break some dirt. He was going to make a house in that area. It was night, and Gamer was fighting all the mobs around him. now it was day, He was starting to made the house. It was night again, then a creeper went in my house! And exploded; In the middle of my house. I rebuilt the parts, and I continued building. I heard a zombie more behind me, It broke my door! I got cornered, I forgot to make a sword. I punched and went through the zombies. I killed all of them, except for 1. That one killed me! I had keep inventory on me, so I have all my stuff. I went to my house to get revenge. I killed that zombie.

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