Geometry Dash is a popular mobile game developed by Robert Topala, or otherwise known as, RobTop. The objective of the game is to navigate a small cube through a series of obstacles to reach the end of the level. The only control is tapping, which makes the cube perform a small jump. As well as a cube, the player can also change form into things such as a ship and a ball etc, each with unique mechanics. 2.0 stuff are coming out soon! Right now, no one except RobTop, as know as Robert Topala, knows it.

Official Levels Edit

There are 21 levels so far, they are listed down here.

Level Name Difficulty Stars given upon completion Appeared in Update
Stereo Madness Easy 1 1.0
Back on Track Easy 2 1.0
Polargeist Normal 3 1.0
Dry Out Normal 4 1.0
Base After Base Hard 5 1.0
Can’t Let Go Hard 6 1.0
Jumper Harder 7 1.0
Time Machine Harder 8 1.1
Cycles Harder 9 1.2
xStep Insane 10 1.3
Clutterfunk Insane 11 1.4
Theory of Everything Insane 12 1.5
Electroman Adventures Insane 10 1.6
Clubstep Demon 14 (10 coin lock) 1.6
Electrodynamix Insane 12 1.7
Hexagon Force Insane 12 1.8
Blast Processing Harder 10 1.9
Theory of Everything 2 Demon 14 (20 coin lock) 1.9
Geometrical Dominator Harder 10 2.0
Deadlocked Demon 15 (30 coin lock) 2.0
Fingerdash Insane 12 2.1
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