If you dont know how to make a Geometry Dash level, well here is the right spot to look at! This page will teach you the basics, the intermediates, and the skilled ideas of the Geometry Dash editor.

Step 1: Buy[edit | edit source]

The first thing you need to do is to buy Geometry Dash. Not Geometry Dash Lite, but Geometry Dash. Then go to search and editor. Then press "new" and name your level!

Step 2: In the editor[edit | edit source]

You see that there are stuff, lots of stuff. For pro's, might not want to read this. So go to options, the gear at the top of the editor, and pick a song! You can also chose a custom song, which needs to be downloaded. You can also pick and ID number, and pick one. When you exit the options, you see that theres columns that has different resources. Go to the first one and pick a block. Make the level go with the song. You have to make it like this because you can give your level a good rating and a star rated level.

Still don't know what we're talking about? http://geometry-dash.wikia.com/wiki/Level_Editor

Step 3: Taking a look at good levels[edit | edit source]

Good levels like the ones that are in the top 100 creators, are really good and practiced really well! This is why you can have a rated and stared level. You can see that the level goes with the song, and can give lots of downloads! Like the top creator, ZenthicAlpha, makes a whole lot of level with stars! You can be a famous creator yourself!

Step 4: Making your level a rating[edit | edit source]

If you want your level a rating, if you want for example, a normal level, make your level kinda easy. Not really easy because your level could end up with an easy rating. If you want it to be a demon, make your level VERY neat, and REALLY hard. Harder, a bit hard, but not to demon-ish. Levels start with a N/A rating, which is Not Available. Your level can grow up a rating, or shrink the rating. Remember to avoid having a shortcut in your level: Cosmic Dreamer was demon, and now it's insane because a shortcut was discovered in it.

Will it go fast?[edit | edit source]

Ratings dont really go that fast. If you're an awesome creator, ratings will go up quick. It will take time to get your level a rating. Geometry Dash gamers-founder of this wiki first ever level: 3132228. Rated insane and that took a long time.

[edit | edit source]

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