In Minecraft, There are servers where you can battle people, play different teams together, have fun with friends, survive, create different houses and hotels and more! One of the best servers in Minecraft is Mineplex. Mineplex is a server where you can play different minigames, battle, explore, parkour, and so much more! If you want to go to a Server, just go to Multiplayer, add Server and this is how you do it. Servers have Server addresses where you can go to them. For example Mineplex's Server Address is: You see the Server name? Go there and put Mineplex (Or whatever you want, it doesn't really matter). Press add Server and go to the multiplayer screen and Click Mineplex then join server and done! Give credit to this video: click that! You can join more servers like Hunger Games! List of some: Mineplex. Hunger Games. ORGIN. Infamous PvP. MineCloud, etc. For more information go here >>>  here >>> or here >>

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