MInecraft and Geometry dash Wiki

About me[]

Hello. Im the user Minecraft6 in Geometry Dash, Registered user :D . But lets talk About myself now.

When you started playing Geometry Dash , Sufi2425?[]

Well, its a short story, the first version i tried is the lite one, 1.81. The second version was the full 1.811.Started playing at September or October. But Let me show you how i STARTED playing.

Started playing? How you started playing?[]

One Day, in school, my friend showed us his Tablet, and he played Geometry Dash (lite, hes not a pro) At my Class Room, he Sit on a chair and started playing a Funny game, except when he died 5 times on Stereo Madness. Nvm. I didnt asked what is its name, because i saw it in the menu. Downloaded from Play store, and really , really enjoyed.

Well, tell me more![]

More? what more?

Do you Compose music?[]

well... yes but just samples, i can do only beginner music.