My Geometry Dash stats (I cant look at them)

In Geometry Dash I have like 42 coins, 3 hundred or more stars, 5 demons, completed 15 official levels, 

and over 100 online levels.

My Minecraft stats.

Well Minecraft doesnt have stats :(. But I like the game and really good!

How did I start playing Geometry Dash?

Well, I started playing when my brother showed me. He had the lite version, but I tried it and I loved it!

Then, I got the full version before and got better than him :P.

How did I start playing Minecraft?

Umm... long story. I played Minecraft before Geometry Dash, and Ill show you how I started playing.

Well, the same brother showed me. I started playing it on pc. My fisrt moment, I didnt know how to pause :P.

Then we have the same, I should say rank in Minecraft.

Now you know my Stats, and how I started playing!

Hope you enjoyed!

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